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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Insomnia from Minimum Spends

Deep in the bosom of the gentle night
Is when I search for the light
Pick up my pen and start to write
I struggle, fight dark forces
In the clear moon light
Without fear… insomnia
I can’t get no sleep

The rush of applying for one card, then another, then another culminates when the postal worker drops off those thick Christmas envelopes from Omaha, Nebraska. Rip open the envelopes, discard the T’s & C’s and get right down to the plastic. Rip off the stickers, go to and admire the curation of the new cards in the portfolio.

From there the stress begins as I question what I’ve done. Why did I apply for all of these at once? Besides paying for the compensatory minimum fees that some cards have, there is the more pressing concern- how am I going to hit all these minimums?

Well, Santa came to TPOL’s house yesterday and it brought a hefty list of mins. Though not as severe as the 44k requirement last time around, it still is still large enough to prevent me from getting a good night’s sleep. The stupid amount that I have to spend is not the biggest issue. Life bills, my crushin IT digital marketing agency, and job in manufacturing should take care of that provided that no one takes out the target. For me, the anxiety comes from knowing I have work to do and I want it done now. Late into the night, I stare at Excel plotting how I’m going to execute my spends. My strategy is to take care of the big-ticket items first- the Amex Gold, the SPGs, then focus on the multiple cards that pay homage to the 49th state in order to recover the annual fees.

This time around I have 13 cards in the collection and 90 days to hit 35k.

I can’t get no sleep. 

The panic pills




  1. Got one biz last round and love to get another, but had the most intensive and detailed call ever on the first, so I’m a bit hesitant to try again. No issues with the personal,though. Didn’t know if you had any insight, but thanks for responding either way.

    • Yeah I only got one for me and one for Ms. TPOL. BUT didn’t have to call in for either. Once that happens I stay away for awhile.

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