1 Transaction =120,000 Membership Rewards Points Earned


Tossing and turning all night from minimum spends is no way to live (see Oops!… I Did It Again: Min Spending Hell). Having spent nothing on Amex Busines Gold (see Amex ’90k’ Business Gold Offer: Resolved, Sort Of) and with the October 11th deadline quickly approaching, I decided to take care of this card with one transaction. I prepaid Google Ads, $10,000 for my Bachuwa Law account. This checks off all boxes. 1. I hit the minimum spend, giving me the 80k welcome bonus. 2. I trigger the 4X category, giving me 40k points. #3. I can spread the word to help consumers fight more credit card companies (see Amex Shutdown? Remedy & Going ForwardChase Mandatory Arbitration: Stop Complaining, Start Fighting).

34k to go!


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