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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Amex ’90k’ Business Gold Offer: Resolved, Sort Of

I previously wrote 90,000 Business Gold Card Offer, Suddenly Not Available and Amex Business Gold Offer Under ‘Investigation’. These posts were regarding my application for the Business Gold card and the 90k sign-up bonus. Amex claims that the offer was only for 80k, despite sending them screenshots of the higher offer. The good news is that I will receive the 90k bonus. The bad news is that it is only coming as a result of a retention offer, whereby I have to spend an additional 3k on top of the 10k.

10k bonus points is worth the spend but I miss the days of Chase where better offers would be matched without this inconvenience.

Invalid request error occurred.
Clearly, the offer says 90k!


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