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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Amex Business Gold Offer Under ‘Investigation’

I applied for the Amex Business Gold (90,000 Business Gold Card Offer, Suddenly Not Available). The targeted offer in my inbox said 90k points. When I logged in, the targeted offer said 100k points. When I called to confirm, the agent said there was no offer at all. She recommended waiting until my card arrived and then calling to confirm the offer. I called and was told that it was 80k points. I explained that it should be 100k and was told to fax (see WiseFax: Groundbreaking Technology for the Dial-Up Nomad) a copy of the email that Amex sent me along with screenshots of the welcome screen. Now, I wait to see the results of the ‘investigation’.

Another day, another fax.

a screenshot of a membership card



  1. This is why is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS screen shot the offer before I accept – this counts not only for Amex but the websites where you earn miles for shopping, miles for dining, etc. I’m currently in a fight with AA SimplyMiles who claims my signup doesn’t warrant 400 miles during a big promotion they had. Pretty sad you have to monitor this stuff so closely. Almost takes the fun out of it.

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