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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Zero Attrition: Editor’s Day 2021

There was a tweet from Fake Points Travel Blogger listing 5 people who have left TPG in the last 30 days. I don’t get the point he is trying to make since many of those employees had been there for years and it isn’t exactly the best time to be a travel blogger. But Twitter thought that I would like the Tweet which is why I commented “Zero attrition at TPOL.”

Incidentally, today is editor’s day, the day I celebrate my editor, cliffordbarnabus, who has been with me since April 2017 (see 30 for 30: TPOL’s Blog Editor). I still haven’t met clifford in person which may explain why he has yet to quit. I also haven’t met Fake Points Travel Blogger, though I don’t know if that interaction would be as pleasant. Then again clifford is a fan of Notre Dame, Ohio State, and if I recall correctly, Duke (editor’s note – I hate the dukies!). What can be worse than that? #ihatechristianlaettner

Happy editor’s day!

Don’t quit, lest you lose your fringe benefits. #hbogo #sling #nounionsattpol

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