Tuesday, December 7, 2021

True Detective: The Case of the Stolen iPhone [Act III]

We are in the final act of Trent's iPhone saga. At our last juncture, Trent and Alvin were trying to decide if they should send a letter that would persuade the apparent thief to return...

True Detective: The Case of the Stolen iPhone [Act II]

Yesterday we learned that our victim, Trent, lost his phone in Virginia. What was not made clear is that the potential hero, Alvin, was not with Trent when this occurred. He was in his...

True Detective: The Case of the Stolen iPhone [Act I]

You go out, you party, you wake up to anxiety. Where is my camera, how much money did I spend, where is my phone? Still in a daze, you are happy to find that your camera...

The Kama Sutra of Airplane Sleep: Surviving a 17 Hour Flight

“Your flight time will be 16 hours,” the flight attendant nonchalantly announced after going through the safety procedures. This was the second time in four months that I would take this hellish route from Addis...
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