Naughty Or Nice: Hyatt Knows About Your Complaints


While not as ground breaking as Snowden’s revelations, my accidental discovery that Hyatt documents all complaints to Gold Passport should give pause to those that try to manipulate the system in a quest for free points. Last year I wrote about my experience at the Hyatt in Sharm el-Sheikh where the manager wanted my stool sample. This year I did not have an incident at a hotel but while trying to burn my DSUs I mentioned to the agent that sending an email saying ‘It’s time to check-out’ at 3AM even if it is automated is a bit annoying when I’m trying to get a good night’s rest.

I thought nothing of it until I received an accidental email from Hyatt which formally detailed my dissatisfaction with the hotel. The agent had written that the hotel should pick more convenient hours to inform guests that they have the option to check-out online. In the other attachment, there was a list that chronicled all the complaints that I had ever lodged against Hyatt hotels via Gold Passport. I have been accused of always complaining, so I would like to submit into evidence that there were only two complaints in total. In the interest of full disclosure, incidents like the lack of A/C at the Park Hyatt NYC, are not included on the list since it was handled directly with the hotel.

The next time you are wronged or off-put by Hyatt and decide to have your voice heard, just remember Terry Benedict’s famous words, “At Hyatt hotels, there’s always somebody watching.”

The towels you can keep
The towels you can keep


    • In this case, exceptional circumstances required a Seinfeld-esque preparation to ensure a prompt wake up, so yes. Why volume knob, why?

      Furthermore, what’s the point of sending it in the first place? Though not quite as bad, I compare it to receiving a call at 11AM after a long night out when I was given 4PM checkout.

      Don’t bother TPOL when he sleeps.

      • I like that my phone alarm volume is independent of volume for email, tweets, Facebook alerts etc etc.

        There hasn’t ever been a night where I don’t receive email, at least any time in the past 20 years that I can recall.

        • Like I said, the circumstances dictated that all alerts be on.

          Informing an agent in passing about an automated email which I didn’t know was even sent from the hotel wasn’t the point of my post. Again to reference Seinfeld, I didn’t know this was going in my chart.

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