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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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I’m Glad Serve Is Dead

Like a criminal waiting to get caught so he could exhale in relief, TPOL is glad that serve is dead for him and now for his associates. After my initial shutdown, I took a voodoo like approach when it came to loading my other serve cards. I would walk into a Family Dollar backwards, carry two cloves of garlic in my left pocket, and would yell out ‘dum dum diday’ every time a load was successful.

This stressful Press Your Luck style approach only netted me a measly $2500 in loads before the Whammy emails this morning. For those looking for a discernible pattern as to why they got shot down, let me be the first to tell you that there isn’t one. On one card I loaded $500 a day and made purchases with merchants. On the other, I loaded $500 only a single time before the news of its death arrived in my inbox.

Perhaps loading the magical $500 amount was the reason but if that’s the case then good riddance. It was already annoying when Family Dollar dropped its daily permissible load amount from $2000 to $500. The manager even said that the reason for doing so was to stop ‘manufactured spenders.’ He added that he was supposed to take the ID of customers who tried to load more than that amount and report them. (to whom I have no idea) Although I contemplated doing so, I rejected the idea of loading $273 one day and $118 another day while using the gift card to make purchases.

Now that it’s truly dead I can get back to chasing the dream of entrepreneurship full-time. But first, I need to find a way to MS another 40k. Looks like my insomnia from meeting mins has returned.


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