Melbourne Airport Lounge Review: SQ vs. Centurion


Melbourne Airport Lounge Review is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

You have two lounges side by side: Amex and SQ Business, which one do you go to? If you’re conducting the official Melbourne airport lounge review, the answer is both. melbourne airport lounge review

I started with SQ and Hungry Jack’s. I’m not sure what the SQ first class lounge looks like but the business one is tame. The highlights are the dim sum and the noodles. That covers the food. As far as the seating, it was adequate.

Do you keep track of how many Centurion Lounges you’ve visited? The more you go the more overrated they become (see Keep Vs. Cancel: Amex Platinum Charles Schwab). I only like LGA and LAS. MEL is nothing special. Breakfast was typical English blandness. I’ll take dim sum over beans any day. The space was the same size as SQ. The one benefit of Amex over SQ was Stella on draft. And alcohol was available early in the am. All other lounges/jurisdictions take note (see Qantas Club Sydney: But for Baristas…and AA Flagship Lounge JFK: Fine Dining at Its Finest).

Melbourne Airport Lounge Review


As far as the Melbourne airport lounge review is concerned, I declare it a draw. Nothing to see here. Time to go to New Zealand.


  1. I think the key here for many Australians, which you seem not to have picked up on during your visits, is that the Amex Centurion Lounge has barista-made coffee, while the SQ Business lounge only has a fully automatic Nespresso machine. If you want a proper coffee, Centurion is where to be.

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