LifeMiles Great Customer Service: Seriously, True Story


LifeMiles Customer Service Review is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

If you’re booking a LifeMiles ticket, the sentiment is that if you can’t do it online, don’t bother calling in. After Hobart, I was trying to book a flight from Melbourne to Wellington. There were no Avios options and paying for a ticket was over $200 or it required stops. I wanted to see if Air New Zealand had availability so I checked LifeMiles. Surprisingly, the flight that was available was with Singapore Airlines. The flight originates from Singapore, connects in Melbourne, and terminates in Wellington. Peasant class wasn’t available but business was. Excited, I checked SeatGuru to see if this was a lie flat flight. Unfortunately, it was angle flat. Still, for 33k LifeMiles, flying direct, and being able to arrive early enough to make my connection to Blenheim, I was ready to book. Each time I tried, I received an error. I left it and tried hours later. I received the same error.

Since I really I wanted this flight, I called customer service. I was told that the website was under maintenance and that online bookings weren’t available for at least a week. I was asked to email a screenshot of the error, the flight I wanted, and my passport. I was told that they would escalate the booking because I was flying in less than 24 hours.

8 hours before my flight, I hadn’t received confirmation of the flight. I called again and was told they received my request and that someone would call me shortly. I figured there was no chance that this would work and started thinking about where I would spend the last three nights of my trip. It didn’t seem feasible for me to get to Blenheim without this flight.

Thirty minutes later, I received a call from a Miami phone number. It was the LifeMiles representative requesting my credit card number. Minutes later, I received confirmation of my flight on SQ from MEL to WLG. Now it was time to book WLG to BHE!

LifeMiles is generally known for lousy customer service. On this occasion, it was clutch.

SQ to NZ, interesting


  1. I agree with prevailing sentiment. When the website works, it’s a great way to get Star Alliance award flights, but service is basically non-existent. Their site has recently been unable to complete bookings so I had to do it by email. So far it has been about a week and who knows if the sets will still be available by the time they get to it.

    Recently, I used LifeMiles for an award MDT-YYZ and it went fine until I checked the booking a few days before the flight and discovered I was now booked from PHL as the Harrisburg flights seem to have been cancelled. We are fortunate enough to have the time and assets to go to Philly, but we hadn’t been notified by Avianca and Air Canada said it was LifeMiles’ responsibility. I called and wrote to get the tickets changed but it never actually happened so on both ends we had to depend upon AC’s staff to reticket us!

    AC did tell us that they had notified Avianca of the changes but they neglected to pass it on.

    I suppose the caveat is to always check and recheck but geez!

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