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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Make Corfu Greek Again! How Tourism Ruined an Island

How Tourism Ruined an Island is part of the #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL where I break my 100 country count mark. See the World Map for where I’ve been.

I once wrote how Boracy was closed because tourists had literally destroyed the island. The same can be said for parts of Corfu, Greece, which has been overrun with tourists and has become a disgusting haven for drunkards. After an up and down time on the Albania Riviera, I made the mistake of adjusting my travel plans, something that rarely should be done (see My Best Advice: Stick to the Plan!), and I headed to the party city of Kavos. The last time I was in Corfu was when I was fifteen. Either things have gone terribly downhill, or I am – as I often quote – getting too old for this shit.

a row of telephone booths
Last time I was here, people used payphones.

Getting There

It only costs 22 euros to get to Corfu via ferry. The ride takes 30 minutes to an hour depending on which boat you choose. a boat on the water


The ferry takes you to Corfu Town which is nowhere near Kavos. I was told that I would have to go to the bus station. Little did I know that it is a mile away, uphill, in the heat. The alternative is to pay for a ripoff taxi at the port. a building with signs and cars parked outside a building with cars parked in front of it

Bus Ride 

The bus ride is 1 hour. Stock up on beer for the journey. a bus parked in a garage a plastic bag with cans and bottles


No surprise that there weren’t points hotels. I was supposed to stay at one hotel that I reserved on I was told it was sold out and was put in another hotel (litigation pending, visit Bachuwa Law if this has happened to you). From the outside it looked fine. Form the inside it was similar to the Bollanos in Albania. a swimming pool with a building and a deck chair

Day Drinking 

I thought there would be pool parties here. Here’s what I found:

a group of people in a pool


When I made the mistake of going to Corfu, it was predicated on my second favorite food in the world, the gyros (TPOL readers should know my favorite food by now). Corfu was supposed to have the meats (for sandwiches) but unlike Athens (see Illiad & Odyssey: Quest for Best Athenian Gyros), it failed to deliver. I tried my luck with a few places but was disappointed. Don’t let these beautiful pictures fool you. a meat on a skewer a food on a paper towel a hand holding a pita with vegetables and meat a sandwich with french fries and meat a pita bread with french fries and ketchup on top


Kavos sucks for nightlife. It may have been the spot decades ago, but it has gone downhill. After wandering the streets for an hour, I went back to my crappy hotel and called it a night/failed experiment.

a group of people standing in a room with blue lights a building with colorful lights at night


Kavos sucks. Like Boracay, the government should kick out the tourists and shut this tired scene down. After one night, I was back on the bus, back on the ferry, and back in Albania – the place I shouldn’t have left.

a man standing next to a woman
The only awesome thing I saw in Corfu was this outfit.

Make Corfu Greek Again!






  1. You say that it’s a disgusting haven for drunkards. What are some pleasant havens for drunkards? Purely for academic research, of course.

  2. …and I was planning to someday visit Corfu after hoping to go in the last 25 years. I wonder if Corfu Town is a little better?

    • Hi Derek,

      I would still recommend visiting Corfu!

      My fiance’s family is from Corfu and many of them still live there. We were lucky enough to explore Corfu like a local last year.

      I wouldn’t judge the island on one person’s poor partying experience in Kavos, but that’s just me.

      We visited many little villages, tasted local food and saw all of the main attractions. Corfu has a lot to offer and if you would like to veer away from the touristy parts I would suggest exploring the western side of the island.

  3. Aren’t you part of the problem yourself? Are you not a tourist? And I think I miss the point: What are you seeking in Corfu? Partying, chilling, eating? Yes, the tourists – aka you, who have written this blog article – are destroying Corfu. Corfu used to be a gem with unspoiled nature – now, like most parts of the world – it attracts people who like to drink, party and lay on beach or pool. People like you. Best regards /Johannes

      • Sorry! I’m not implying, that you’re an asshole. Not at all. I just miss the point with your blog, I think. I used to love Corfu – for sentimental reasons (I’m also too old for that shit) – for it’s nature. It’s unspoiled and incredible wild life. What I have witnessed through the years are tourists and backpackers who have conquered the entire island and ruined many special and unique places. I was just asking, what you specifically where looking for in Corfu. Sorry, if I came down as an asshole. /Johannes

        • Nostalgia: I wrote, “The last time I was in Corfu was when I was fifteen. Either things have gone terribly downhill, or I am – as I often quote – getting too old for this shit.”

  4. What has happened is that people have zero manners and zero class anymore. That combined with illegals, increased crime, and total disrespect for others makes most points of destinations unsafe and unenjoyable for many. Then when combined with lack of police force and lack of law enforcement, you have more crime theft, and potential violence. We were robbed in Athens at the Plaka, which was crawling with refugees.

  5. This blog is just a massive moan-fest. Having to walk a mile uphill, big deal. All of 5-10 mins. You complain about Kavos, one of the worst areas on the island for tourists, but you failed to go anywhere else to enjoy the island. Seems a lack of data to make a compelling argument about how shit Corfu is nowadays. I came here expecting a little bit more.

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