Simply The Best: December 2018


TPOL Is Back, sort of. TPOL was down under (see HKG! HKG! AUS! NZ! Booking a Last Minute Trip Down Under) and shirked his blogging duties by writing posts on the go but not posting them. As such, the Simply The Best: January 2019 edition may be a little light on substance. That doesn’t mean that December was weak. Far from it. Here are the top posts from December:

  1. Happy Festivus! Airing of Points Grievances 2018

  2. Cutting It Close: Will I Make My JFK-HKG Connection?

    If there were a substantial delay, I risked losing my first class Cathay flight and killing the last-minute itinerary that I meticulously pieced together.
  3. Too Dangerous? River Plate Stadium Review Buenos Aires

    I wondered how anyone would know I’m an outsider if I cheered for the home team. Before the game started, it quickly became apparent to me how easily I would be outed.
  4. Writing Trip Reports: How Old Is Too Old?

    Albania isn’t done, and now I have to do the TPOL Down Under Report all before I go to Oman next month.
  5. Dine with El Chapo! Great Mexican Food in Puerto Rico

    I once said that the best Mexican food in the world (outside of Mexico) is Los Betos in Scottsdale. After moving to Puerto Rico, that has been called into question. Why? Because I visited Dos Panza in Rio Grande.
  6. House Hunters Puerto Rico: Golf in Palmas del Mar?

    I hope you are enjoying binge watching this season of House Hunters (Semi) International. When we first met TPOL yeas ago, he was on a mission to find an apartment in Mongolia (see House Hunters Ulaanbaatar). Now, he’s moved to Puerto Rico and has had no luck finding a place to live.
  7. Meyer Quits: Michigan Should Fire
    This was written before the Florida beat down!


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