Simply The Best: July 2018


I moved to Puerto Rico over a month ago. Like my first month in Mongolia, so far so good (see Remember That Time TPOL Moved to Mongolia?). Aqui, es el mejor, como se dice, ‘posts’ de Julio.

  1. Dear Mr. President, Leave Air Force One’s Paint Job Alone

    Read the comments! People are nuts.
  2. Weak Travel Stomach? Bring These Drugs
    Read the comments! Seriously, people are nuts.

    3. Iberia Honors Deal! San Juan-Madrid (Albania) RT Booked! 

    Do you believe in miracles? Si! Refresh, refresh, refresh is all I did today. And just like waiting for final exam grades, the result of whether Iberia would honor the deal appeared.

    4. Wiki Airports: Finding Flights to the Unbeaten Path

    This ‘name your adventure’ game can go on forever as each Wiki Airport page reveals new possibilities and new destinations that may not be options for this trip, but may become options for the next trip.

    5. The World Cup! Where to Watch Sports in San Juan

    You now know where to get tacos in San Juan and where to go for a run. But where to go for the big game?

    6. Flying Business or First? Don’t Rage the Night Before

    TPOL’s TIP: Subject to availability, don’t book flights in the AM on the weekend from a big city.

    7. Happy Emoji Day! = End of Civilization

    Facebook and social media is emblematic of all that is wrong with the world.



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