Simply The Best: March 2021


I tried a new approach to blogging in March, whereby I would only write twice a week and attempt to post 5 times. It didn’t work. I will try again in April. The process of writing old Trip Reports is not fun, but the results are worthwhile. Below are the best posts from March. In addition, be sure to read Simply The Best: TPOL Triple Bogeys, Turns 7.

  1. Enter TPOL’s Bracket, Flight to Puerto Rico Included!

    Shit talking included. Clubs and hotel not included. Alcohol included, subject to availability.
  2. Misplacing My Passport Without Traveling

    Are you trepidatious to travel because it has been so long? Where are you having your travel pre-season?
  3. Guns & Butter: Ayia Napa, Cyprus Travel Guide

    There will be a next time for me in Cyprus.
  4. What’s in My Wallet: 2021

    TPOL has slipped when it comes to maximizing the use of his credit cards for points. Perhaps it’s because I do not travel anymore or perhaps because I am lazy. Hopeful that travel is coming, I have taken a hard look at my credit card portfolio and put together a plan to maximize each.
  5. Bad News: Michigan Lost. Good News: Michigan Lost

    The bad news is that Michigan lost to UCLA and failed to reach the Final Four. They choked like dogs at the end despite having every opportunity to win.
  6. Coming 2 America: A PSA for Not Going Back to Paradise

    Ten minutes in, I turned Coming 2 America off, refusing to let it contaminate my child memories of Akeem. The same can be said about traveling back to the same city.
  7. WonderBoom 2: Best Travel (And Golf) Speaker
Wonderboom 2 review
What speaker is in your carry-on? Hopefully nothing that triggers a positive explosive test.

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