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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Bad News: Michigan Lost. Good News: Michigan Lost

The bad news is that Michigan lost to UCLA and failed to reach the Final Four. They choked like dogs at the end despite having every opportunity to win. I have never seen so many missed bunnies in my life. My fifth-grade teacher would be enraged. This is good news for two reasons: First, I no longer look like a laughing stock in TPOL’s Bracket Competition. Indeed, I look like quite the oracle for picking Houston and Gonzaga in the final. Second, I am sort of happy Michigan lost. The last two times they went to the Final Four (see Final Four San Antonio: Go Blue! Left Blue and Final 4 Free), I was there. Had they gone, it would have been another reminder of how shitty The Lost & Found Covid Year(s) continues to be as I would not have been able to attend in person. Much like I felt about my Buffalo Bills, I feel about my Wolverines: if I can’t witness them finally winning it all, no one should (see About Those Buffalo Bills…). Overall, it’s very hard to make it to the Final Four but maybe Michigan will in the years to come. And if they do, I will be there. Until then, duck you COVID (see March Madness Memories).

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Also, it’s time for the leaders to identify themselves. Who is Cebu?


  1. Ha, one place ahead with the same final two. Go Gonzaga. As to the name i have been, and still are, stuck at my house in Cebu Ph. This is a good thing though

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