Enter TPOL’s Bracket, Flight to Puerto Rico Included!


Either you don’t like golf or you don’t like college basketball. It can’t be that you don’t like me. Regardless, I hate you too (see Cancelled! Festivus 2020). Anyhow, in order to inspire more people to join my bracket and make this virtual March Madness fun, I am now throwing in a flight to whomever wins this year’s bracket. That’s in addition to a free round of golf in Rio Mar.

Here is the link to sign-up.

Here is the scouting report so you can adequately prepare for the match.

Here are the terms, so don’t try to out-lawyer me.

Shit talking included. Clubs and hotel not included. Alcohol included, subject to availability.

That could be you lining up to choke on your chip.

See you*** on the island. Don’t forget your PCR test.

*Max ticket subsidy is $150, more than enough for most places from the US to here (see Frontier Airlines: The Covid Super Spreader for Puerto Rico).

**Winner doesn’t have to ride with me, not because of social distancing, but because you may not like me personally.

***To be clear, there’s only one winner.


  1. You will be happy I picked Michigan to go to the Final Four. However, I have them getting beat by Iowa who goes on to beat Illinois 91-89 in the title game. See you on the first tee. I drink Heineken.

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