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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Enter TPOL’s Bracket for a Chance to Win

Enter TPOL’s Bracket here for a chance to win a free round of golf in Rio Mar*.

I won’t give away my bracket just yet, but I do not have Michigan going to the Final Four this year. Why? Because I won’t be going to the Final Four like I did the last two times Michigan went (see Final Four San Antonio: Trip Recap & Final 4 Free). If I can’t go, they shouldn’t either. I hope Juwan doesn’t read this and have another temper tantrum.

a large crowd of people in a stadium
If Michigan does go, at least I won’t have to pay to see them lose.

*Winner doesn’t have to ride with me, not because of social distancing, but because you may not like me personally.

**There’s only one winner.

Disclaimer: Clubs, flights, and hotel not included. Alcohol included, subject to availability.


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