500 Anniversary Points? Really, Bonvoy?


– Junior: I’m sorry Mr. Healy, please don’t spank me.
– Benjamin ‘Ben’ Healy, Jr.: Well I’ll have to punish you somehow. I’m taking back your allowance.
– Junior: The whole buck?

Name the movie. And after you figure that out, you’ll understand how I felt when I was given a whopping 500 points on my ‘Member-versary’ as a thank you from Marriott for being a Titanium.

What are you gonna do with one shoelace? What am I going to do with 500 points?

Contrast this to 500 SPG points which would not be a lot but would be treasured.

Don’t they have the AI to even insert my name? I am titanium elite!


  1. That’s what you get for doing business with Marriott. They are not ever a consideration in our travels. Period. Why do you deal with these people? My advice is to reach Hyatt Globalist and then get the Hilton Aspire card for locations where Hyatt isn’t a good option.

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