5k AA Miles for Citi’s Mail Mistake


As a nomad, home is wherever I fall asleep. This complicates things in the world of churning as my mail is still sent to mama and papa’s house. (see post: Nomadic Churning: Where Do You Send Your Card?) Whenever a new card arrives, my parents call to lecture me on my lifestyle choices (get married, have babies, you’re getting so old) and to give me the full credit card number. From there, I call the bank and get them to overnight me the card.

This time around, I waited for two days for my Citi Exec to come and it did not. I called Citi and asked them to track my card. Somehow the card was never ordered. To apologize, Citi gave me 5k AA points. It’s remarkable how Citi will offer silly retention offers with absurd spends for AA points but in this case (and without me even asking) Citi credited my account 5k simply because another agent dropped the ball on sending me the card.

Having said that, it’s almost noon where I am and I do not see the FedEx guy!

Maybe there's a weather  delay
Maybe there’s a weather delay


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