Are You Guilty of Traveling Under the Social Influence?


These days everyone seems to talk about how they are waiting for life to return to normal so they can travel again. I nod in affirmation but smugly think to myself, “Travel again? Where did you go before the pandemic? Playa del Carmen (see Where I’ve Been to see how you measure up)? And when you went on your international escapade to a tourist trap Amalfi Coast, did you come back bragging about how much you love Italy? Did it change your life forever like your high school senior trip? Or, worse still, are you a naive traveler that loves to tip every child who tugs at your shirt when visiting temples in SE Asia believing you’re a philanthropist?”

If any of those revolting attributes belong to you, I have one thing to say: Who cares what I think? Travel and enjoy yourself. However, while doing so, please take note of this PSA and stop traveling under the social influence.

I’m guilty of the arms raised posed from a scenic vista. Here’s a good example from Bruny Island, Tasmania:

I don’t know why the Christ the Redeemer pose is one of my go-to moves, I know I do it too much.

My best move is the one I stole from Usain Bolt, pictured here on top of Victoria’s Peak in Hong Kong.

This was in 2009, I was bad as duck before social media bullshit.

And my most beautiful was at the aforementioned Amalfi Coast.

The other move noted in the PSA I will never do and you shouldn’t either, though calling it hot dog legs is hilarious. But if you do find yourself recycling overused poses, do it for yourself, don’t do it for the ‘Gram, lest you end up like Roxanne, who I’m sure is not sheltering in place these days.

All she wanna do is party all night
Goddamn, Roxanne

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