AwardWallet Plus Is the Best


In full disclosure, I am NOT compensated by AwardWallet. Isn’t that refreshing to hear? 

It truly doesn’t get any better than AwardWallet Plus. Everyone in the points game uses AwardWallet to track his points but the new version can do so much more. I believe in this app so much that I am going to spend a few moments highlighting a couple of changes that I find especially useful.

1. Actual Account History

Have you been in the situation where you swore that you had more points and then your balance unexpectedly went down? The History tab in AwardWallet shows you where the points went without having to login to an external account.

There's that overrated PH NYC stay
There’s that overrated PH NYC stay

2. Only Update Relevant Accounts 

When you have too many accounts, it is pointless to update all accounts. AwardWallet now lets you select the accounts you would like updated in bulk.

Select the accounts then hit the refresh button
Select the accounts then hit the refresh button

3. Travel Plans

This is the biggest enhancement for AwardWallet Plus. I didn’t pay attention to it before because I used TripIt. The problem with TripIt is that it added every reservation that I made but did not remove those speculative bookings after I cancelled them. I would receive alerts saying my flight to Phoenix is departing in an hour and wonder why I wasn’t at the airport.

In the Trips section of AwardWallet, all of my future (and past) trips are organized chronologically and without duplicates. It even shows me changes that were made to my flights, a valuable tool for cancelling or modifying a booking for free.

Show off to your friends your past flights on SQ
Show off to your friends your past flights on SQ

It also has a nice Great Circle Mapper graphic and the ability to see more information for each reservation. I find the contact information very handy as well. If I do want to make an edit or delete something, it is very easy to do.

LOL @frontier

I’ve only been using the new version for a day so I’m sure there are other tips and tricks that I have yet to discover.

Here are other updates provided by AwardWallet’s website.




  1. I’ve considered using AwardWallet, but have some trepidations about security. If my accounts somehow was hacked, wouldn’t that give access to every airline and hotel account?

    • Well when you put it that way…It is a treasure trove if hackers gained accessed but I prefer to live in ignorance and believe that it along with all my other accounts, emails, etc are secure.

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