The Best Bracket Bet: Loser Flies Coach Long-Long Haul


Today, I released TPOL’s winning bracket for the NCAA tournament. I picked Michigan to win it all because I think they’re on a special run. Ms. TPOL also filled out a bracket. Since betting makes everything more interesting, I came up with a wager that those in the points world will appreciate.

The winner gets to fly on the airline of his choice to India in first while the loser has to take one of the longest flights in the world aboard one of the least desirable airlines in the world, Air India. And she has to do it in coach for 17 grueling hours. For the record, she has Kansas winning it all and other suspect choices along the way.

In the unlikely event that I lose, I’ll make the trek utilizing my Kama Sutra technique for long-haul travel.

Go Blue!

Don't choke MI, I don't want to fly peasant.
Don’t choke MI, I don’t want to fly peasant.




  1. Wow. That’s a brutal bet. Can you bet on something good, like winner gets to pick the next destination? For the good of your relationship?

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