Black Monday: Buying Stuff I Don’t Need


I’ve been missing in action since I boarded a plane bound for Michigan, went down to Columbus, saw nothing great there, and came home. This morning I woke up to a stream of Black Monday deals, forcing me to promptly spring into action at 1:30PM. I found myself on Amazon buying stuff that I had just purchased a week ago but this time at deep discounts. I’m not sure Amazon price matches within 30 days of purchase and did not want to deal with the online chat.

Besides buying useful stuff, I bought stuff that I do not need. Here is the list of my purchases.

Save money and your liver
1. Charger: These always break so I had to get another. 2. Router. Trading up the old router for this gem. 3. And who doesn’t need a bluetooth toothbrush?
Alexa, tell Alex to order more roses. And I lost my last mobile charger.
Just in time for cfb

Anyone else buy stupid stuff that you will probably return when the thrill of Black Monday passes?



  1. You got friend price on the router. I got the $225 netgear model and its stupid simple to setup and now i’m getting 365+Mbsp on wired and wifi

  2. remember, only floss the teeth you want to keep.

    also remember, i told you what would happen on saturday. and i told you correctly. i won the bet. the wolverines were on a submarine. and don’t go crying on me about the fourth down second overtime spot. it was spot on!

    go bucks!!

    what do i win??

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