Bolshoi Moscow: That Caviar & Rabbit Lifestyle


Bolshoi Moscow is part of the Quest Around the Globe Trip Report.

The Russia I learned about in grade school and the Russia I visited are exact opposites. Sure, much has changed since the fall of communism but the prevalent notion was that Russia is still a third world country. Politics aside, Moscow is a bustling, modern city with wide streets, beautiful buildings, and more AMG’s than I could count. Upscale dining is not in short supply. My first night, I went to the fabled Cafe Pushkin. On the second, I went to the modern Bolshoi, meaning great in Russian, to see if it would live up to its name.

I had Belgium for my appetizer, Leffe Brunne and Leffe Blond, but everything after that was quintessential Russian.

Fancy water


TPOL appreciates the finer things in life. It’s a blessing and a curse to have such great taste. While I can enjoy a Coors banquet beer, I have upgraded to a life of espresso and Gran Mariner (see Tirana, Albania: Fantastic Food & Drink Guide). Anything less would be uncivilized. The same is true of my taste in food. While I’ll challenge anyone to a grimy food competition (see 4th of July Eating Contests at Your Favorite Lounges), I rather enjoy the delicacies of life. The prime example being Russian caviar.

Though both tasty and novel, I don’t want to hear about how great Cathay First caviar is.


A new love of my life is rabbit. I fell in love with it in Moscow.


Russia has changed since grade school. It’s not masses of people waiting in line for bread as Miss McGary taught. Food lovers should not overlook this food haven.

TPOL’s TIP: Bolshoi is located at Petrovka Ulitsa, 3/6, стр. 2, Moscow, Russia, 125009.

TPOL’s FX TIP: At a great Russian exchange rate, this meal was $120 (9050 rubles). To put it in perspective, this meal in 2008, when the ruble was at its strongest, would have cost $393. The majority of the bill was the caviar as reflected in the receipt.

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