Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Wizz Air Terminal 1 Tel Aviv: Scammed at The Bus Station

I took the discount carrier, Wizz Air, a Hungarian airiline, from Tel Aviv to Warsaw in order to save a few dollars.

Detained in Tel Aviv: A Most Unwelcome Welcome

I had a great nap aboard Iberia from MAD-TLV. Rested, I was ready for a night out in Tel Aviv. Instead of going straight to the bar, I found myself playing twenty questions with Israel's Immigration.

Connecting in Madrid? Pack Extra Time

What airport is the worst for connections? Chicago? Dallas? They say even on your way to heaven, you have to connect through ATL. I'd like to add Madrid to the list.

Air China, Say What? “Your Flight is to Busan, We’ll Only Take You to...

Air China, say what! Air China, say what? Today I asked the gate agent that very question when I inquired as to what the hell he was talking about. Mind you, I'm in Puerto...

Freddy Awards 2018: Arriving Wrinkle Free Thanks to Bluffworks

Disclaimer: Bluffworks sent me clothes to try at no cost to me. I also receive compensation if you use my link to purchase products.  The Bluffworks Review is part of the Despacito! TPOL Moves to...

30 Minute Connection? How Fast Should You Walk?

I was flying from Montana back to Arizona for the last time before I move to Puerto Rico. Instead of the direct flight on Allegiant, I flew Delta which required a connection in Salt...

JFK AirTrain: Why Mess with Uber to Manhattan?

All these years, I've been taking Uber to and from JFK. Either Pool was very cheap or I had a half off ride promo that made it worthwhile for me to avoid public transport.

Dar es Salaam Airport: To Hotel Or Park Bench?

Dar es Salaam Airport is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report. Keep your Priority Pass card in your wallet. You do not need a VIP card to enjoy the outside lounge...

What’s Your Time Worth? A $600 Delta Voucher?

Flying from Montana to NYC is an arduous journey. The day begins at 3AM with a two hour drive to the airport. From there, Delta ships me to either SLC or MSP. Today, it...

Getting to Centurion LAS: The Long, Long Journey

Are you a poor peasant who flew Allegiant to LAS? Do you want to hit the Centurion Lounge before a night and early morning out on the Strip? Here are the directions (in pictures)...
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