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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Priority Pass Barcelona: Check Lounge Reviews Before Travel Plans

Priority Pass Lounge Barcelona Lounge Review is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.

I had two choices: stay in Sardinia for an extra night or go to Barcelona for one night before going to Beirut the next day. Upon arriving, I decided that it was a bad idea to have a one night layover in a city. The cost of going, of transport, the amount spent on a hotel which I would not use (see W Hotel Barcelona: Don’t Miss the Day), the energy of the process, to and fro, of immigration, and checking in were not worth the potential fun (see For One Night Only: Barcelona Party Guide).

The alternative was to arrive in BCN the same day as my flight and spend my time at the lounge. The only safe flight arrived late morning to BCN which would mean another lounge marathon session (see Amex LAS Centurion Lounge: The Full Day Freeloader Review). If this were the Emirates First Class Lounge, that would have been fine. Instead, it was, as I would discover, the second worst Priority Pass Lounge in the collection (see Priority Pass Jakarta Lounge Review: Yuck). Hangover or not, the dentist lights were a strain on my eyes. Since it is the only lounge in the terminal in addition to being a Priority Pass Lounge, it was predictably packed.

a group of people sitting at tables and chairs in a room with lights
What is this lighting?

Luckily, my poor planning of coming to Barcelona for one night spared me the agony of having to sit in this lounge all day. The cost of doing so was exhaustion from the night before and the hundreds I spent on drinks, transport and lodging.


Even if there is a time restriction at a lounge, I would rather plan for my punishment than endure the logistics of going to another city for what will most certainly be a reckless experience.

What say you?

If you didn’t enjoy the Priority Pass Lounge Barcelona Lounge Review, then don’t read the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.



  1. Admittedly, details on this lounge are a little thin, which makes commentary a bit tough. Was there comfortable seating? What were the free booze choices? Presuming they offered free food, how was it? Was the wifi speed agreeable? Were there a lot of power outlets? Unlikely, but any chance on a nice view of the runway for avgeeks?

    • Don’t care to get into all that as I previously said. Point is to check ahead of time before you go to a lounge expecting anything.

      • Sorry. I know you’ve said in the past that you didn’t want to cover the topics I mentioned, although an outline is nice I suppose, but you specifically ended by asking for feedback. I’m feeling really obtuse here, so what did you want feedback about? just trying to get some context since I obviously guessed wrong and putting in non sequitur comments is kinda pointless.

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