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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Turkish Business Barcelona to Istanbul: Glad to Lie Flat

Turkish Business Class Barcelona Istanbul Flight Review is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.

I checked SeatGuru before I booked this flight to make sure it had lie flat seats. When I went on the mobile site, I didn’t see the description that confirmed this to be true. Could this be another equipment change like Lufthansa (see Lufthansa Equipment Change: BRU-MUC)? I waited in angst to see if, post a night in Barcelona (see For One Night Only: Barcelona Party Guide), it would linger on.

a man and woman at a desk in a airport
a plane parked at an airport
For lie flat?

My anxiety was for nothing. I quickly saw the beautiful sight of pod seats. While the upholstery could use some work, I paid it no attention as I prepared for my slumber.a seat in a plane a seat in an airplane a tv on the side of an airplane a seat with a screen on the back of the seat

a screen on a plane
Let’s take off so I can sleep.
a seat on an airplane
Privacy even though I was facing out.
a window of an airplane
Kills the view

Welcome Champagne


a glass of orange juice next to a glass of water
OJ though

Amenities Kit


a seat belt with a seatbelt buckle
Seat belt included


One tiny one.


I was freezing but was too tired to ask for a blanket. Graciously, the flight attendant wrapped me in one as I slept.


The chef walked by and greeted everyone. The hat is silly.

a chef behind a wall


The mezze wasn’t as good as I recalled it to be on a previous Turkish flight (see Turkish Airlines Business Class: IST-ICN). It was nothing compared to Emirates (see Emirates Shower Class JFK-DXB: One More Time).a plate of food on a table


The Turkish meatballs were decent. Still, business class food seems to be going down hill.a menu with text on ita plate of food on a tray

The Seat

Even with no mattress pad, I slept like a hungover baby.


Besides the kind woman bringing me a blanket, the service was impersonal. It could be the language gap but, “You? Drink?” is too brash.


We landed on time but we taxiied for an eternity. I took two mini naps and we still hadn’t reached the gate. It was at least twenty minutes of taxiing. Good thing I had hours to go in the Turkish Business Class Lounge.


I came for sleep. I got it. That’s all I wanted.

Turkish Business Barcelona Istanbul Flight Review is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.



  1. Ohh, you got one of the ex-Jet A330’s. I recently was supposed to be in a lie flat 330 from Vienna but got equipment changed to an A321 at 24 hrs out. That was a nice plane actually but sad to miss out on the widebody. I had the exact same menu and main. I thought the mezze was pretty good, shame to hear it used to be better. I agree the taxi time at the new IST was insane, I clocked it in at 25 min.

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