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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Help! I Don’t Know What Terminal My Flight Departs From

What Terminal is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.

How do you know from which terminal your flight leaves? If it’s JFK and I’m flying JetBlue, I Google ‘JFK JetBlue Terminal’ or wait to read the signs on the way. In Chengdu, I was flying Air China to Nepal. Google told me it leaves from Terminal 2. So did the confirmation email.

But when I tried to check-in, I was told that domestic flights leave from Terminal 1 and that I would have to take the transfer bus. Skeptical, I took the bus and was worried that the agent had made a mistake and that I would have to return to Terminal 2. Nope. The agent was correct. This left me with more questions than answers:

How is China to Nepal domestic? Why is their immigration in a domestic terminal? Why was my confirmation email incorrect? How screwed would I have been had I shown up late to the airport?

All I can say is help!

a group of airplanes on a wet runway
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  1. According to the official website of Chengdu Airport, which is in Chinese, all international flights, no matter which airline you fly with, will depart in T1, and all domestic flights of Air China will depart in T2.

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