Thursday, October 6, 2022

The Park Hyatt Sydney and the Case of the Missing Koala

I visited Sydney, Australia. Like many tourists, my primary reason for going was to get a picture in front of the famous Sydney Opera House. The events that unfolded upon my arrival remain a mystery to this very day.

The $77,000 Trip Heard Round the World

Care for a Trip Report? I have one. It is my bold contention that this is the greatest award redemption of all time. I raise the challenge to any blogger, frequent flyer, or foe to prove otherwise. How did...
the st. regis mauritius resort

The St. Regis, My Mauritius

For he who says, "It is the journey not the destination that is important," I say, "Have you stayed at a St. Regis?" My constant internal struggle of whether I prefer the posh life of...

The Maldives Seaplane: Luxury for the Working Class

Would you ever pay $500 for a flight that has no set time for departure, lasts only 45 minutes, and is piloted by a barefoot captain? What if I added that the plane only holds 16 people and takes off and lands in water?

Conrad Maldives Airport Lounge: Fear the Hungry Wolves

Before you take your $500 sea plane ride to your Conrad Maldives bungalow, the luxury (or misery) begins at the Conrad Maldives Airport Lounge. Perhaps it is called the Seaport Lounge. My experience at the lounge was far different than my companion's.

Sheraton Saigon Review

The Sheraton Saigon is typical of Sheraton hotels worldwide (excluding the pitiful Sheraton Times Square.). It had a plush king size bed, ample space, a great shower, and a decent view of the city. But for $151/night there are much better deals to be had in the city especially if you're packing a carry-on full of points.

Le Méridien Ile Maurice: An Affordable Option in Mauritius

I foolishly booked Le Méridien Ile Maurice for one night to save a few points. The next two nights I would be at the idyllic St. Regis Mauritius which was located on the other side of the island and had I taken another taxi would have cost $100.

Radisson Melbourne: The Business Class Room

As a Club Carlson Gold Member, I was upgraded to a Business Class Room at the Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne. Business Class aboard Finnair and business at Radisson are slightly different with the former providing much more amenities.

Guns & Butter: Cape Town Travel Guide

Cape Town is my second favorite city in the world next to Shanghai, China. There is too much to do and see there making TPOL's Travel Philosophy of staying for 3-4 days inapplicable.

The Conrad Pezula: Knysna, South Africa

I have used my Hilton Stay Certificates poorly. The first was at the Conrad Tokyo where I was out all hours and didn't make use of the hotel. The second was at the Conrad Pezula located near Knysna, South Africa.
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