Citi 4th Night Credit: Patience > Calling > Chatting


I keep a running list of the banks, airlines, and points programs that have wronged me. There’s a permanent spot for Sprint on there because they are the worst company in the world. When I have the energy, I call in to get longstanding problems resolved. These include reversing incorrect fees, getting credit for nights stayed, and general complaining.

As I had written, Citi is on the list because I haven’t received my travel credit for the EgyptAir flight and because I hadn’t received my credit for the 4th night for using the Citi Prestige. Previously, I had chatted with an agent about the 4th night and they said I was ineligible. I was going to call in eventually until I saw this on my statement:


My 4th night had credited making the Hyatt Diamond Challenge a remarkable, discounted success. Did this show up because I eloquently wrote to the representative that she is incompetent and clueless? Or did my statement close and it was automatically triggered? The same situation happened with BOA and Alaska when they said I wasn’t eligible for the $100 statement credit but then it magically appeared.

I’m beginning to rethink my logic about people being smarter than computers. I’m 0/2 when I try chatting and 2/2 when I leave the crediting to the computer. Calling is still my favorite past time because I get to philosophize with the agent about how the situation should be resolved in my favor and why I deserve a courtesy credit for my time being wasted. My new pitch goes like this: “You get paid to deal with customer problems. I don’t get paid to call in, sit on hold, be transferred all over, for something that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Who’s going to compensate me for my lost time?”

Having said that, your time is truly valuable. To that end, I recommend keeping a list of the sinners then waiting, waiting for a resolution, skip the chatting, and only calling in because it is absolutely necessary.

I’m off to call stupid Sprint. Wish me luck.



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