Credible? Rather Than Wait on Hold, We Can Call You Back…


Oh Delta, I forgot what a pain in the ass it is to deal with you. Somehow I ended up with two Delta SkyMiles accounts so now I’m short on pesos for booking that trip to Athen.

Now I’m on hold on the phone and I’m on hold on Twitter. It has been 28 minutes since I asked the question if I can merge accounts. I’m on hold with Delta on the phone for 32-57 minutes after being transferred to ‘traveling with an infant’. Apparently that’s what the computer thinks I meant when I said ‘SkyMiles’.

My psychological question is whether it is better to remain on hold or wait for an automated call back. I know they do call you back within the allotted time but something in me believes that grinding it out on hold pushes you up in the queue and reduces the wait time. Sometimes I also feel that I’ve been transferred to a black hole as the wait time breaks the two-hour threshold. The hold times and that hopeless feeling go hand in hand when calling about British Avios.

To add to this psychological thriller, there is only 1 seat available on the flight to LHR. I believe that Delta senses that I am close which is why they put all these hurdles up before I can make the booking. It is not a coincidence when the accounts are combined, the flights selected, the credit card info inputted that I will receive an error ‘we’re sorry that flight is no longer available, please call an agent to make a reservation.’

Hi, thank you for calling Delta. All of our representatives are busy helping out other customers. Rather than wait on hold let us call you back when your pesos are absolutely worthless.


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