Dallas is not the most entertaining city, but it does have a few spots that are worth checking out. TPOL breaks it down for you as only he can.


It’s worth mentioning that Cowboy Stadium is in Arlington, not Dallas. There’s nothing to do in Arlington besides football, baseball, or Six Flags.

Deserted after the game


Happy Hour: Nickel & Rye 

During happy hour, for $5 you get craft cocktails that are normally $10. I recommend the Muay Thai. It’s spicy and satisfying. On Thursdays, a substantial size cheeseburger and fries are only $5. The happy crab dip, which was $6, is not the best. Nachos at $9 any time is a great choice.

I should also mention that this is Dallas’s Michigan bar. Go Blue!

Summertime Sadness left, Muay Thai right


This is the happening nightlife spot. It’s also infamous because of an incident involving Ezekiel Elliot.

Deep Ellum

After staying in uptown, it was time to get serious by going downtown. The area is called Deep Ellum and it consists of streets of bars and restaurants.

Pizza, Ice Cream, Donuts, Fried Chicken, Sushi


Serious Pizza 

If you’re looking for late night pizza, get ready to wait in line. I couldn’t tell you how this Deep pizza stacks with Chicago deep (pun intended) because the queue was out the door.

Ice Cream

Chills 360

The same can be said about the hipster Coldstone (a defunct franchise). The line was crazy long and I couldn’t understand why.

This guy was mesmerized by the process.

Fried Chicken

After a few beers, I was hungry again. Heeding the advice of a local, I went for fried chicken and habanero mac and cheese. The mac was on point. The chicken was crispy and delicious. I recommend going.


Glazed Donut Works

For dessert, I stopped at a donut shop. It had a pretty display of donuts that I could not resist. A random local walked by and cautioned that the donuts looked better than they tasted. I ordered the chocolate one and a bottle of milk from the window. Indeed, the local was right. All presentation and no flavor for $4.50, I’ll stick to Dunkin’ Donuts.


Deep Sushi

Returning from the game I wanted sushi. To no surprise, the name of the place was Deep Sushi. I ordered three rolls which were okay. I’m not a fan of pickled ginger. The difference between downtown and up were apparent. This place was hipster cool, all atmosphere and messy flavors. The alternative was Nobu in uptown, chain but clean and classy.


Pho Bowl 

Unfortunately, the pho place was closed so I couldn’t add it to my pho reviews

Bars in Deep Ellum

From death metal bars to hip-hop to breweries, Deep Ellum has something for everyone.


I went to Dots the first night. Dots is a beer garden with an extensive offering of brews from all over the world. I tried the Texas varieties which were very nice.

BrainDead Brewery

The second night I went to BrainDead Brewery. I’m not a fan of IPAs so I appreciate the wider selection at Dots along with the beer garden atmosphere.

The Pharmacy 

Another interesting shop was The Pharmacy which served alcohol milkshakes. They were out the night I went so I can’t vouch for them. I had them before in Scottsdale and remember the belly ache. The combination of sugar and alcohol can’t produce good results.


I wouldn’t return to Dallas to party. I’d go back for the Super Bowl.


  1. Great report, thank you for bringing back my Dallas memories …

    Lived there 1981 until moving back to California in 1990 working at the DMA. We used to party at the Ritz Rock & Roll off Harry Hines and later on with the intellectual/artist types at Deep Ellum showing my paintings and photographs at Dave’s Art Pawn Shop (it was actually a coffee place) selling them for the benefit of this or that cause. Later on they renovated the West End area of downtown where mostly the yappies used to hang out. Great food (BBQ, Tex-Mex, etc.) and many great friends that still in touch with … I miss them days!

  2. I’m not defending Arlington in anyway but…There is the Bowling Museum, Division Brewery, a Twisted Root burger location and some other special restaurants and museums. I visit the DFW area on business on a regular basis and I always laugh as people from Fort Worth always seem to be upset that outsiders lump them together as just from “Dallas”. I asked this lady on a plane headed to DFW the other day if she was from “Dallas” or just visiting. She snarked back and was very vocal that “No I’m from Fort Worth”. It was hard not to laugh but I don’t blame her I guess.

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