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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Freddie Awards 2019: Winner for Best Dressed And More

TPOL received free articles of clothing from Bluffworks. This review is based on my experience wearing said clothing.

Disclaimer: Bluffworks sent me jeans to try at no cost to me. I also receive compensation if you use my link to purchase products. 

Freddy Awards 2019 is part of Freddy Awards to New Orleans Binge Weekend Trip Report which covers:

The Freddie’s is turning into TPOL’S personal fashion show. Last year I showed up Wrinkle Free Thanks to Bluffworks. This year I kicked off the event with a photo shoot courtesy of fellow BA blogger, Andy, who graciously lent his photography services to capture this presidential photo of TPOL. #TPOL2020a man in a suit on a computer screen

Having photos taken in a random hotel was an interesting experience. There were plenty of pornhub jokes made to be sure. Look for the finished product in TPOL quarterly.

After capturing the money shot, it was time to go to the awards. Dressed from Shanghai Taylor’s finest (see Shanghai Fabric Market: What Is Friend Price?), a stunning tie courtesy of Versace (not a blog sponsor), and jeans by Bluffworks (a baby sponsor), it was time for TPOL to put on a show.a building with a blue wall and a white railing

a man standing in front of a building
Bluffwork jeans

a lizard on a display a sign with a clock and a globe a man in a suit sitting in front of a clock

I attended the Freddie’s to meet up with fellow bloggers and fellow travel geeks. Thanks to the open bar, it’s always a good time. This time was no exception. It was also fun to tour the CR Smith Museum.

a framed poster on a wall a plane in a museum an airplane in a building a silver airplane in a hangar the inside of a plane a door with a sign and a door open the cockpit of an airplane a view of the inside of a plane from the door

Would you fly on this Flagship plane? Reminds me of the plane from Indiana Jones.


Another fun year at the Freddie’s. Where will it be next year? Puerto Rico?



  1. The jacket fits great, but I’d skip the tube socks with the rest of the ensemble. They just don’t work with the tie, IMO.

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