Getting to Centurion LAS: The Long, Long Journey


Are you a poor peasant who flew Allegiant to LAS? Do you want to hit the Centurion Lounge before a night and early morning out on the Strip? Here are the directions (in pictures) for getting from Concourse A to Concourse D, home of the lounge.

‎To start, don’t be fooled by the sign that directs you to D concourse and baggage claim. That will take you out of the gates. You won’t be able to get back in without having to go through security, if at all. ‎Instead, follow the sign for C gates and prepare to walk. And walk some more. When you’ve reached the white hallways, you’ll think you are lost. You are not. Keep going.

C gates will reveal themselves, and there will be a sign that says, “Tram to D gates.” Hurry up and get on.

You’ll arrive at D gates to see nice murals of many cities. Here is the one for NYC:

The journey is not yet complete. From there, take the escalator up. Once you get to the top, go left. The sign on the information sign confirms that you are close.

Now that you have arrived, do not become complacent. The hot food stops being served at 10pm and last call is 10:30pm.

The lounge closes at 11pm but there’s no reason to stay that long. The Strip awaits!

TPOL’s Tips: Black Label is only for Black Card members as is Veuve champagne.


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