Harbaugh in Italy to Receive the Pope’s Blessing


Today, the University of Michigan football team visited the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. Harbuagh’s goal is to spread the Michigan brand all across the world. After taking in the sights, the team will also be practicing at AC Roma training center in preparation for the next season. Besides that, Harbaugh incredibly managed to arrange a meeting with Pope Francis. It’s been rumored that Harbaugh’s baby boy will be baptized by the Pope as well.

It’s nice to see where the Pope stands in the fight between good and evil (OSU).

Go Blue! (from the Vatican)

Go Blue!
Go Blue!



    • i’m not distracted. i was at the game. and who cares if it’s 4th or 10th. if it’s not 1st it doesn’t matter.

  1. the pope says rosaries for the fighting irish, not the wolverines.

    but if you’d like, you can go to confession in advance for all the naughty words you’ll be yelling on november 25th after the buckeyes dominate.

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