Hostal Cepa Noble Colchagua Valley: If This Is A Hostel…


When I think hostel, I think of my days at St. Christopher’s in AMS. I also think of my backpacking experience through the Bolivian salt flats. When I booked what I thought was a hostel in Santa Cruz, I figured that it would be another experience I would have to tolerate for the sake of convenience. I was pleasantly surprised that this hostel was really a bed and breakfast and not a place for unbathed backpackers place to crash.

The Location
The hostel is located in a quiet neighborhood right next to the center of Santa Cruz, making it an ideal place to stay after a long day of wine tasting.
We were lucky enough to be able to park our car in the hostel’s garage. Otherwise, we would have had to move our car at 8AM.
When I went in October, it was cold and rainy, but I could imagine more pleasant days where the pool would be refreshing after a day of drinking.
The Room
The room was like sleeping at my grandma’s house. It felt like home. Add in an ice cold AC and DirecTV with every American channel, and you have a perfect place to stay.
The Breakfast
We had breakfast promptly at 11:30AM. The owners were in no hurry to kick us out and didn’t mind that we slept in. Overall
If you’re going to visit multiple wineries in Colchagua, you should stay the night there. Most of the hotels are overpriced and there are no points option. For $75, consider staying at this not so hostel hostel instead‎.


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