Hyatt Regency Lake Washington: Ze Plane!


The Hyatt Regency Lake Washington Hotel Review is part of the Despacito! TPOL Moves to Puerto Rico Trip Report. 

Getting There: Ubered my way to this one.

If I weren’t going to the Freddie Awards, I wouldn’t have stayed at this hotel which is located in Renton, Washington. It’s interesting that Hyatt opened this beautiful hotel in an outlier city. Having said that, the hotel was packed with business people there for conferences. While there’s not much to do in the area, the hotel was top notch. It reminded me of the Park Hyatt Guangzhou.

Just an Explorist 

No Globalist status makes a difference. There was no suite upgrade. There was no 4PM checkout. There was no breakfast. There wasn’t even free water. But, there was a room with a great view of an airplane hanger and Lake Washington.

The Amenities

Why have a coffee machine without providing water?

The Room 

There’s something about the Hyatt bed and razor thin TV that makes me feel right at home. The minimalist look of this room is classic Hyatt.

The Shower

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, “Why is the shower in my hotel better than my shower at home?”

The After Party 

Read the reviews of this hotel from fellow BoardingArea bloggers, two of whom had ridiculous suites with a terrace overlooking Lake Washington.


The Hyatt Lake Washington was a great place to stay to attend the Freddies. Unless I start consulting for Boeing, I doubt I will stay there again despite how modern the hotel is.

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