I Quit Churning!


Is it an April Fool’s Day joke or is it the new reality that TPOL is getting out of the churning business? Only time will tell if this was a click-bait article or the new normal. The truth is that I’m beginning to believe there is no point in continuing to go through the hassle of churning. One thing for sure is that this game has taken a turn for the worst. No, that’s not bad grammar you are reading. That is the superlative form of bad that I purposefully just wrote.

Today I learned that Alaska has the huevos to blame ‘travel hackers’ for the devaluation of Alaska points aboard Emirates Shower. It only takes a conversation with someone outside of this arena to realize how few of us are playing the points game, making this assertion baseless. It would be less disingenuous had Alaska blamed The Deal Killer directly. If that wasn’t ‘worst’ enough, the end of the world as we know it came by way of Anbang dropping out of the bidding war for SPG. Now, we are all at the mercy of Marriott. Hopefully, they will go easy on us in lieu of the fact that we previously expressed our satisfaction for the original deal collapsing. TPOL has no inside knowledge of the situation but I would venture to guess that there is more to their reluctance to press forward with this transaction than the stock price. (see Just Say No to Marriott post)

I had quit my job manufactured spender and as of April 1st, I am seriously considering my next move. Perhaps a few more apps may make this terrible day more bearable but I don’t believe the good old days of the app extravaganza are returning any day soon.


Prepare your fake smiles for trips to Disney
Prepare your fake smiles for trips to Disney

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