Iberia Business SJU-MAD: Beware of the Bright Lights


The Iberia San Juan Madrid Business Class Flight Review is part of the #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL where I break my 100 country count mark. See the World Map for where I’ve been.

The agent at the ticket counter said that I would have to pay if I wanted a window seat. Then she told me that there weren’t any window seats anyway. I was not shocked when I boarded the plane and found that there were plenty of seats available, including the window. How many people are flying from San Juan to Madrid on a Wednesday, and how many found an award booking for that day?

I doubt anyone is paying sticker for this seat.

No Welcome Champagne 

Unlike the usual bubbles before takeoff, I only received a glass of OJ. 

The Seats

The plane is configured in the 1*2*1 layout. I could’ve jumped over to the window seat, but I rather enjoyed having two seats to myself. 

The Amenity Kit

I saw the familiar red amenity kit bag but never received one. Strange.

The Wine 

Vino tinto all day. They had three varietals. I had all three and preferred Rolland Galaretta Ribera 2015. 

The Food 

The starter was salmon and bulgur, an Arabic classic.

For the main course, I went with the veal and found that it complimented the wine nicely. 

For dessert, I had caramel ice cream.

The Entertainment 

I began watching Sideways, and then I fell asleep. I woke up and despite my best efforts not to succumb, I used the “free” WiFi which turned into a $23 ill-advised purchase.

The Bright Lights 

And now for my complaint. Since I was seated in the first row, I had to deal with the lights from the galley. Sometimes the flight attendants would close the curtain, sometimes they would not. That was annoying but not as bad as the bathroom green light that would flash on and off as it went from occupied to unoccupied. Usually, these things do not bother me. But once I noticed it, I became fixated on it. 


Breakfast was not spectacular. Just the basics of coffee, fruits, and bread.

View of The Plane 

I hate it when there’s no jetway. Being carted to the gate in a bus delays the adventure. On the other hand, I was able to take nice pics of the plane.


This is my second time flying Iberia business. It is a solid product. While the lights were a nuisance, I can’t complain too much about a direct flight in business from San Juan to Europe.



  1. Note to myself: take some duct tape on my flight and tape that green light !!!!! And buy some Don Q at the airport !!!

  2. Yeah row 1 is always a concern with lights and the lav. I laughed though. It’s like a flashing neon light at a fleabag hotel in the old movies 🙂 Nice review. Glad you didn’t pay extra for a window seat.

  3. Any idea if they were nickle and diming everyone or just award redemption passengers? Charging for an unused seat? That’s how they do things? Did you ask about an amenity kit?

    • That’s an Avios policy. Always charge for seats. And I forgot about it but wasn’t impressed with it last time I flew Iberia.

  4. It’s surprising to see that Iberia flights don’t get a jetway. I always assumed the “local” airlines got preferential treatment.

  5. The green light seems quite irritating. One would think a red light to indicate that its occupied would be preferable. Red somehow doesnt seem to draw the eye as much as green when it comes to lighting. Anecdata only. 🙂

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