If a Picture’s Worth 1000 Words…


If a Picture’s Worth 1000 Words…then why do I have to put a caption?

Yesterday, I received a smiley criticism about my Finnair Flight Review. It said, “Did I miss something? I thought this was to be a review of the Finnair flight. “The seat”… “Bleh steak”? Kinda short on details :)” 

Please believe that I’m in no way antagonizing the commentator but thought I would clarify my writing style which is best characterized as straight and to the point. You may like it or loathe it. To that end, I don’t feel the need to write a passage about how wide a seat was, how sumptuous the salad was, or the exact dialogue I had with the flight attendant.

As I wrote in my intro yesterday, I am lucky to be a part of BoardingArea where there are others who do this and do it very well. I can only write my way and hope that the light-heartedness of my tone and approach to travel shines through. I have advocated that perspective must not be lost when it comes to the points game. Most of us either can’t afford to fly first class or are otherwise prudent with our money that we would rather, God forbid, fly coach if this game came to an end.

My posts are meant to be both informative and entertaining. Maybe they are neither but that’s how TPOL gets down.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.


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