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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Lan Kwai Fong New Years Eve: Beware of Blackout

Lan Kwai Fong New Years Eve Hong Kong is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

I’ve already written about LKF as the prime time spot if you have a Layover in Hong Kong. There’s a party there every day. I’ve gone there for Halloween to celebrate, and it still ranks as the the best place to celebrate my favorite holiday. Naturally, it’s where I chose to spend my New Year’s.

Leaving the Dud of the Fireworks Show, I walked to LKF. Usually, it’s a straight shot through the people mover. For big events, the police construct an obstacle course forcing party goers to loop around before arriving at this debauchery mecca.a sports car parked on the side of a road a group of people standing in a line on a street a group of cars on a street with a crowd of peoplea crowd of people in a city

Stop 1
Anyone who goes to LKF starts the evening at 7 Eleven, either the one at the bottom of the hill next to the overpriced Ebeneezer’s shawarma (see The Best Kebab in the World) or at the top of the hill overlooking the chaos for some cheap alcohol. There is no archaic open container law so budget conscious travelers can enjoy LKF by mingling outside the bars without having to pay bar prices. That’s a great strategy until you find yourself in need of a bathroom.a crowd of people outside of a building a group of people in a store a metal screen with a chain and bottles on it

Stop 2
Nature calling, the next stop was a random bar for beers and bathroom. Prices aren’t that outrageous. A 22oz Stella was $7 and a 22oz Hoeegaarden was $11. The vodka green tea? That was 70HKG. Mixing sold separately (see 7 Eleven above).a group of bottles of liquid and a bottle of alcohol

Stop 3
Walk around LKF and see the madness. People are dancing, people are passed out on the sidewalk, and yes, people are also puking. Pop into clubs and bars at your own leisure. I avoid going to those with cover charges.

Stop 4
Done with bar hopping? Try your luck at going to one of the clubs above LKF on Wyndham Street. I’ve spent many evenings lost in my thoughts at Dragon-I. I went to see what they were doing for NYE. Since everyone was wearing tuxedos, I decided to go elsewhere. I ended up at Tonic. While not the best club on the street, the music was on point. With the savings from 7 Eleven, I bought a bottle of Moet. $150 is not much to spend for a bottle of bubbles but I did pay a heavy price the day after.a group of glasses on a table a bottle of champagne in a bucket

Stop 5 (If Possible)
Like I wrote in TPOL’s Guide to A Night in Shanghai, I try to conclude the evening of extremes by getting something to eat. In Hong Kong, that means breakfast dumplings. Due to my weakened state, I was unable to make this stop, my first regret of 2019.



  1. As a married dude w a kid, my annual trip to HK7s and nightly visits LKF w my moron friends is my outlet for being an idiot for the year, other than football season.

    I really do Love that place. Oh and the flight to and fro is the only true 15 hr block of rest I get all year.

    Don’t sleep on the amazing speakeasies between LKF and SoHo.

    GD covid. Postponing HK7s. Should be there next weekend, but no!

      • Lol I don’t either. It puts the best SEC tailgate parties and game experiences to shame though.

        Basically it’s a gigantic frat theme party in a stadium w live sports that folks kinda care about.

        And then everyone flicks to LKF when it’s over. Sloppy AF.

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