Mediocre Race Time? Blame Enrique Iglesias


St. Patrick’s Day Race 3 Mile Time 24:12. Quite the tortoise trek I took getting through this horrible race. Dehydrated, unmotivated, I looked to my playlist to bail me out. I strategically configured the following list believing it would take me to the Holy Land of a sub 20 time.

It did not and for that I blame Enrique Iglesias.



Yup, that eclectic playlist is what I put together for this one. Noticeably absent is Ricky Martin, a must for marathon runners. The Pointer Sisters were on point when I needed them though I still had too far to go.

As bad as I did, others did a lost worse:

Final numbers: #7/27 Male Age 30-39, #52/658 overall.

Yeah those little kids’ numbers are part of the grand total.

Less running, more green beer drinking.



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