Michigan vs Florida: A Review Of Cowboy Stadium


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It will always be called Cowboy Stadium. I will never refer to Jerry World as AT&T Stadium. The magnificent complex, which is home to the underachieving Cowboys, cost 1.2 billion to build of which 325 million came from the taxpayers. I went for the first time to see Michigan play Florida. Although there were some tense moments, Michigan thoroughly dominated the game, much as they did last time they played Florida in the Citrus Bowl.

The Tailgate

Since this game was at a neutral site and in the isolated city of Arlington, I thought it best to pay for a tailgate party. For the ripoff price of $90, it was supposed to be all you can drink beer, margaritas, BBQ, and a photo with a celebrity. It ended up being an awkward wedding with strangers along with a DJ that played hits from SiriusXM on 9.

The Stadium

After doing the cha cha slide and getting funky, I headed to the stadium to take pictures. The place is massive and every other superlative from inside and out.

The Jumbotron 

The key to attending a game at Cowboy Stadium is to avoid sitting too far up. If you do, you will spend your time staring at the jumbotron. While it is impressive in size, it is not as great as I once thought. TV’s have come so far since the stadium was built. The screen is more of a distraction than an attraction.

The Seats

I was in section 103 row 3. The face value of the tickets was $200 but I paid $300 on SeatGeek, the easiest place to find tickets to any event. The seats were on the Florida side but near the Michigan endzone. I was right there watching as Michigan’s QB threw two pick 6’s and also overthrew Crawford on a poor fade pass. Unfortunately, when the action got to midfield, the camera man would obstruct my view.

The Game Itself 

Michigan handled its business and came out ahead. We still have a ways to go, but things are looking up.

The After Party 

With Uber surging, I decided to make new friends. This was much more fun than the wedding tailgate.


The stadium is certainly worth visiting. I wouldn’t go for a college opener again as the teams are still trying to sort out the X’s & O’s. I would return for a Lions/Cowboys playoff game, but what are the chances both get there?

Next Up

The next game I’m going to is Michigan vs Ohio State. Hope to you see you there! Go Blue!


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