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Monday, July 15, 2024
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President Trump Can Learn from Bloggers

Let me start off by saying that it does not matter if you voted for Clinton or you voted for Trump. The election is over. Donald Trump is the President of the United States. The keyword here is ‘President’. And Presidents have to act, for lack of a better word, presidential.

Today’s headline is how Trump is upset with a picture that contrasts the size of the crowds from Obama’s inauguration with his. He went out of his way in the middle of a speech to the CIA to criticize the media for misreporting the size of the crowds. Even his press secretary blasted the media accusing them of “deliberate false reporting”.

As a points blogger, I write about trivial issues that do not affect the fate of mankind. You might not know that judging by some of the negative comments or tweets about me. Call a lounge ‘yuck’ and be prepared to answer a thousand questions on what the legal definition of yuck is. Give away a MS secret and get ready to have your manhood questioned. My knee-jerk reaction to these comments is to go on a tirade of expletives followed by an invitation to meet me in the parking lot at 3 o’clock. Instead, I show restraint and respond with a comment which may be snarky but is not insulting. Obviously, the right thing to do is to ignore the comments completely but this is a points blog and, in the words of Tom Brady, “This isn’t ISIS.”

Only in the case of President Trump, it is ISIS. It is the world’s largest economy. It is the United States. If President Trump can’t handle the press or Alec Baldwin giving him hell then how will he respond to comments from real adversaries? Will he fire off an angry response like a rash blogger? Will he be a smart ass like TPOL? Or will he, after reading this post, appreciate that he is now the leader of the free world and act accordingly?







  1. I do not agree with you on many points like “living does not have to suck” (life is hard by definition) but your point here is correct

  2. I didn’t vote for Trump but I’m sure he’ll rest easy knowing you’re available if he needs advice on how the most powerful man in the world should conduct himself ha ha.

  3. The biased press in the USA is a legitimate issue. The country cannot thrive without a free and balanced press and many people know it. I don’t care if DT acts ‘presidential’ and I hope he keeps slamming political correctness (anti-free speech fascism) as often as he can.

      • What a shocker ‘Billy Bob’ redneck is a Trump supporter. Ignorant ridiculous dumb people… you absolutely will regret your support. Unless stopped very early on, he will ruin this country. WILL not may.

        Good post Alex, keep em coming.

  4. I like your thoughtful posts, i am first generation Polish American, please lose “living doesn’t have to suck” and you will have more people reading your posts. I think that people are turned of because of the title

  5. Thanks for this post. I’m even more impressed with your responses to the comments you received to it. In every moment, we each have an opportunity to speak and act with integrity, consciousness, and appropriate restraint. Blogging on an internet too often filled with the kind of personal attacks and reactivity our new president thrives on, takes a level of courage and equanimity. That you are willing to claim thoughtful responsibility for what you say is an example I appreciate. Thanks.

  6. We went to Poland for Christmas. we felt that Europe had more unity and inclusive message to people. We appreciate your posts. Please consider language for Families!

  7. Bloggers who describe the issue as a Trump vs. press spat rather than a bold face lie and media intimidation by the president are part of the problem.

  8. The “Living Doesn’t Have To Suck” is an indication of your blog being different from the herd. It certainly caught my eye. I hope you don’t change it. On the political end, we’ll see.

    • Thanks. I think the logo with the whiskey should still send the same message without intimidating would be readers…that’s what the abrasive posts are for!

  9. It fascinates me that anyone thinks Trump will change or learn anything. He’s over 70. His entire life history tells him he can do anything he wants and skate free. Thinking otherwise isn’t optimism, it’s fantasy.

  10. This article helps me travel how? Look, we all know what’s going on here. A handful of bloggers like Gary, Chai, and yourself have learned that you can quickly and easily generate clicks and comments by going off topic and writing political posts. I hope the revenue is good for you. As for me, I refuse to use any blogger’s card links who lacks the discipline to stick to their blog’s stated purpose, regardless of where they lean politically. We don’t need our travel bloggers preaching to us about politics. There are plenty of outlets out there for that already.

    • So skip reading such posts. None of us think ‘clicks ‘ when we write these posts. Actually, these posts generate the least traffic. And finally, I write about more than just travel. I think that’s more interesting than just the same old 50k AA posts.

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