Qantas Business Sydney to Darwin: Off to Croc Country


Qantas Business Sydney Darwin is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

I’ve said my fair share of negatives regarding 737 business class (see Ethiopian Business JNB-ADD: The Worst Flight Experience). My flight from Sydney to Darwin was on a 737, but my take on the flight is only positive. It had nothing to do with the seats and everything to do with the service on this 4.5 hour flight from one side of Australia to another.

Australia is massive.
Typical 737

The in-flight WiFi was free and it was spectacular. I had it on my phone and my laptop. I was actually able to get work done without waiting for pages to load.

Like babies with warm milk, the need of passengers can be quelled with wine. The flight attendant was rarely late topping my cup with ‎pleasant shiraz. The one time he was, he apologized for ‘leaving me dry’. When it was time to land, he gave me a plastic cup to finish off the vino. Now that’s considerate.

The food wasn’t anything spectacular, but it was good enough to snack on. The ice cream was superb.

Great time on this flight to crocodile country.


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