Seafood in Estonia: What a Treat


Seafood Estonia is part of the Iraq Homecoming Trip Report.

TPOL has rich taste. This is a problem because the blog does not pay enough to fund my gluttony. Walking around Old Town (see Guns & Butter: Tallinn Travel Guide), I came across Nautilus. I read caviar and oysters on the menu and kept walking. I then peered into the window and saw an awesome seafood tower. I went back in without checking the prices.

Once inside, I was asked if I had a reservation, a standard practice at most restaurants in Tallinn. Although the place was empty, the bartender hesitated before finally saying that he would clean a table for us.

TPOL’s Tip: Don’t mistake the curt interactions with Estonians as impoliteness.

TPOL’s Tip: Nautilus is located at Pikk 36, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia.


To start, I ordered a bottle of champagne, a must when sampling fine seafood.

Seafood platter

Everything on the menu looked delicious. Rather than choosing one item over another, I ordered everything.


Caviar and bubbles took me back to the days of Cathay (Cathay Pacific First Class JFK-HKG: 15.5 Hours of Bliss).


$170 for everything was not bad thanks to the strong exchange rate of the dollar: 1 euro was $1.04 dollar

It’s gold Jerry!

Silver Spoon 

As we were leaving, I randomly spoke to an American who had lived in Estonia for the last twenty years. He asked if I had noticed the diamond on the door. He had started an organization that rated quality restaurants much like Michelin does (see Punk Royale Copenhagen: Michelin Restaurant on Acid). The designation proved to be accurate as the next day I went to another Silver Spoon restaurant and was, once again, extremely satisfied (see Pho-usion in Estonia).


Go to Nautilus when you are in Tallinn.

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