Simply The Best: August 2018


The month of September started with another Michigan loss. Instead of calling for Harbaugh’s firing, let’s focus on what was great in August. Here are the top posts:

  1. Detained in Tel Aviv: A Most Unwelcome Welcome

    Instead of going straight to the bar, I found myself playing twenty questions with Israel’s Immigration.
  2. The Best Nightclubs in the World

    TPOL has a Top Ten list for many things: From Shots! 7 Adventures Requiring Liquid Courage to Put Some Hot Sauce on My Burrito Baby! The World’s Best Hot Sauce, I’ve covered a lot. Now, it’s time for my favorite subject – the disco. This list includes clubs that are no longer open but, blackouts notwithstanding, have provided a lifetime of memories. When will I get too old to go to the club? No one quite knows.
  3. Iberia Velázquez Premium Lounge: Good, Not Great

    After bobbing and weaving for an hour en route to the lounge, I finally made it. Was it all that it was cracked up to be by other bloggers? Of course, it wasn’t. While it was nice, it can’t be compared to Emirates First Class Lounge or Cathay’s the Wing.
  4. Broke from Traveling? HomeBudget App Can Help

    Are you a cheap traveler? Do you use a budget app?
  5. Remember That Time TPOL Moved to Mongolia?

    Having learned the lessons from Mongolia, I’m not ready to call the move to Puerto Rico a success just yet. I will say it’s trending up but will hold off on any “mission accomplished” declarations for the time being.
  6. Jaffa, Tel Aviv: Something for Everyone

    I won’t judge you if you party all night in Tel Aviv but save some energy to visit Jaffa.
  7. Iberia Business SJU-MAD: Beware of the Bright Lights

    While the lights were a nuisance, I can’t complain too much about a direct flight in business from San Juan to Europe.


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