Simply The Best: October 2018


October felt like a long month. I only posted 14 times because I’ve been settling into my paradise life in Puerto Rico. Now that I have my golf, beach, pool schedule in order, I am hoping that I will annoy the airwaves by posting more frequently. That doesn’t mean that October wasn’t full of beautiful posts. Here are the best ones:

  1. The Etiquette of Things: Playing Your Music in Public

    Today’s entry focuses on the developing trend of people not respecting the personal space of others. I see it all the time at airport lounges where guests think that the entire lounge is their own office. I witness it in hotel lounges where parents don’t care to monitor their unruly children. And today, I dealt with it in the jacuzzi at a beach resort.
  2. A Category 8 Hotel? Give Me A Break…But Here Are My Reqs

    Let me tell you what I would demand if I were ever to drop 40k Hyatt points on one night.
  3. Boarding Pass Scam Resolved! Thanks Amex

    Thank you Amex for having my back. Damn you Wizz Air for being Wizz Air.
  4. Residence Inn Downtown Manhattan: Where Bachuwa Law Began

    This time the hotel I called home was the Residence Inn Downtown Manhattan. It is located near the World Trade Center and only steps away from 22 Cortlandt Street, Bachuwa Law’s former office. (We have since moved on up to a deluxe office in the sky on Park Avenue.)
  5. Folk Gospoda Warsaw: A Must Must Eat in Warsaw

    I’m happy that the Westin recommended this restaurant. So many times hotels send tourists to uppity places that they think tourists would like. Usually those are inauthentic and expensive. Folk Gospoda was anything but. That’s why it receives TPOL’s coveted seal of approval.
  6. Pub Crawl Warsaw: An Excuse to Promote Sex Tourism?

    I am too well traveled to ignore the dark side of travel where women are exploited, and tourists look the other way simply because they are on holiday.
  7. Long Island Railroad: Another Way to Avoid Uber from JFK Airport

    I hate the NY subway system, but for my time and money, I find it more efficient to do the AirTrain + subway than AirTrain + LIRR. Having said that, both of those options are better than JFK + Uber Pool Scam.

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