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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Boarding Pass Scam Resolved! Thanks Amex

I wrote a few posts regarding my exit from Tel Aviv. Among them is Wizz Air Terminal 1 Tel Aviv: Scammed at The Bus Station where I described the peril of not having a boarding pass printed when flying a discount carrier. I tried to load the boarding pass on the app unsuccessfully. I was told by Wizz Air’s customer service that I could get it at the airport. Technically, that was true. What I didn’t know was that it would cost $42 to print it at the airport. After trying to Skype Wizz Air two times, I decided to pay using my Amex in the hopes that they would protect me from this shakedown. I submitted the dispute online and yesterday received an email that my dispute was approved.

Thank you Amex for having my back. Damn you Wizz Air for being Wizz Air.



  1. A colleague of mine just went through this flying out of Georgia. He was livid the boarding pass printing fee cost about as much as his ticket. I think he paid with his Chase Sapphire Reserve. Should be interesting to see what Chase says.

    • Just checked with my colleague. He paid the fee with a Citi card and then when he saw the paperwork they asked him to fill out he gave up on trying to fight the fee. So no data point on how other card issuers deal with a Wizz Air boarding pass fee dispute.

      • When the paperwork is too much, I just fill out the minimum and ignore the rest. Done it with Citi before and it worked. Bag fee on S7

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