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Monday, July 22, 2024
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Wizz Air Terminal 1 Tel Aviv: Scammed at The Bus Station

Wizz Air Terminal 1 Scam is part of the #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL where I break my 100 country count mark. See the World Map for where I’ve been.

I took the discount carrier, Wizz Air, a Hungarian airiline, from Tel Aviv to Warsaw in order to save a few dollars. When I arrived, I was surprised that this was an international terminal. It was nothing more than a warehouse. It was worse than Air Asia’s terminal in Kuala Lumpur and just as bad as VivaAerobus in Monterrey, Mexico. I wish I could say that this where the drama ended.

a group of people standing in a line

Indeed, it was only the beginning of the worst day I have ever had at the airport.  As a discount carrier, Wizz Air requires you to print or download your boarding pass on your own. If you arrive at the airport without a boarding pass, you will have to pay to get one printed. I attempted to use Wizz Air’s app, and it didn’t work. I called Wizz Air, and the agent said just go to the airport and explain the situation upon my arrival.

When I got there, the gate agent sent me to the ticket counter. The ticket counter is not run by a Wizz Air employee. It is manned by an employee of the airport. As such, the employee had no way of overriding the boarding pass printing charge. I attempted to call Wizz Air on Skype to have them speak to the agent. After being put on hold for fifteen minutes twice, the phone promptly disconnected. Annoyed, I decided to pay the fee and deal with Wizz Air at a different date. That’s when I found out that it was 35 euros to have my boarding pass printed. The ticket to Warsaw was $120. Wizz Air charging 35 euros to print a boarding pass is downright criminal.

I promptly took out my Amex Platinum and inaudibly repeated to myself: chargeback, chargeback, chargeback. While that issue remains unresolved, it was a mild inconvenience compared to what was I was about to experience.

The ordeal continues tomorrow with the post: You Leave Only with Your Passport! Unjustifiably Detained Again in Tel Aviv



  1. This is not uncommon with LCC like Ryanair. Always get it printed ahead of time regardless of what the agent on the phone says or you will run into this.
    They have no sympathy at the airport, even if it is in their error.

  2. I worked for swissport TLV, who also provides handling for wizzair. I wasn’t part of the LCC team (easyjet, wizzair and ryanair) but I know they can’t waive any fees or even contact the carriers regarding the boarding pass problems but I know this is a common problem with wizzair. Next time when you fly out of TLV make sure you departs from terminal 3 (there are even lcc who departs from there, like Norwegian, Blue air and transavia).

      • I get what you are saying. The security here is unique – for the better or worse. For most passengers, the security is easier then anywhere else – you don’t need to take electronics off your bag (beside your laptop), you don’t need to take shoes off and you can even take liquids with you through security and on board. But for others it can be a nightmare and the security guards aren’t that kind and understanding … Still, hope you had a great time here and wish to see you again in Israel 🙂

  3. I always get a screen snap of the boarding pass on my phone just in case the airline app doesn’t work when I get to the boarding area.

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